Immerse Yourself

Taste of Havana

We have hand selected some of our favorite items on our menu and arranged an excellent private dining package.

Appetizer Choices

You and your guests will select from one of these appetizers in this private dining package. Appetizers can be served a la carte or family style. We usually recommend family style as it really gets the party started and people interacting.

Steak Quesadillas

Steak served with pico de gallo salsa & guacamole

Cilantro Shrimp

Grilled gulf shrimp & Pico de Gallo served over crispy tostones

Beef Empanadas

Shredded spiced beef wrapped in two flash fried tortillas

Avocado & Hearts of Palm Salad

Baby greens with red onion & tossed in a red wine vinaigrette

Entrée Choices

All entrees are accompanied by one side dish. You and your guests will be able to select from dirty rice, coconut mashed yams or white rice. Entrees can be served a la carte, family style, or buffet. We recommend entrees be served a la carte, this gives everyone a moment to really dig in, and get that taste of Havana baby!


Tender and juicy skirt steak plated with yucca fritas & onion cilantro salsa

Mango Mustard Glazed Salmon

Served over baby arugula with mango salsa

Lechón Asado

Our Iconic slow roasted pork dish served with our homemade mojo sauce

Pollo Champiñones

Chicken sautéed in a white wine and mushroom sauce

Dessert Choices

Desserts are the signature at Rebecca’s. We believe (of course we would right) that we have the best flan in the world. Regardless of your choice, you cannot go wrong with a Rebecca’s dessert. Be sure to save some room, you are not going to regret it.

Espresso Crème Brûlée


Taste of Havana Private Dining Package Option $85

Private Dining
NOTE: Only package available Fridays & Saturdays from 5:00PM - 11:00PM is Taste of Havana.
Your guests do not have to behave like adults, to be considered an adult ? Anyone over 12 years old should be counted as an adult.
All children 12 years or under can receive a kids meal, and unlimited soft drinks for $15.00. Having said that if anyone wants to be a big boy, or a big girl, he/she can order from the menu at usual prices, or take advantage of the package pricing.

Private dining experiences require a 25% down payment which secures the tables and staff to cater to your carefully planned event. Events are three hours, and usually require a week’s notice in advance. After selecting your package, and adding your preferences, we guarantee that you will hear back from us within a few hours.